How I Survive This Thing Called Parenting

If you don’t already have kids I’m sure there has been a time when you’ve come across somebody wrestling their toddler into his carseat/stroller/highchair/etc. It looks kind of like trying to put pajamas on an octopus.   Then the parent looks you dead in the eye and says “Are you sure you want kids???”.

Also, if you don’t already have kids, you might want to seriously reconsider reading this blog.

I sometimes ask myself this very same question.  Sure, I’m already three kids in and since we cut the hospital tags off of them long ago (I think that is part of their return policy) I guess they are here to stay.  So, I give you…

“How I Survive This Thing Called Parenting”

Part One of Three

1.  A sense of humor

Yes, that is my youngest eating a tray of water colors.  Yes, I stopped to grab my camera and take a picture before taking the tray of water colors away.  I admit I have my faults but it was funny.  Sometimes you just have to laugh.  Those of you who know how are I try to keep artificial colors and flavors out of my children’s diet might find this one extra funny.  Speaking of funny…



Wyatt:  She fell for it… I’m out!!

A brother looking like he set up his baby sister to be consumed by a wild gator.  Always funny!



Falls are funny…




He was fine.  Really.  This was one of those “How did that just happen?” moments but you are too busy grabbing the camera to really try and figure it out.  I think I remember telling him “Stay there fella, I’m coming to help you!”  *click* *giggle giggle*


Sometimes even a trip to the dentist can be funny…



She’s as high as a kite, folks!  She had to have a few cavities filled so she got to drink some “sleepy juice” and watch a movie.  About 20 minutes in she looked like this.  She dropped that lollipop 3 times trying to get it to her mouth and it took her 30 more minutes to finish it.  At one point she stared at it and went cross eyed.  It was so funny to watch and she didn’t care at all!

It’s not so funny though that you take your child to have their cavities filled and the dentist gives them a lollipop.  What the heck, Dentist!?  Just trying to ensure a return trip?

As a parent in the thick of the incredibly difficult baby/preschool/elementary age years I can honestly say that if it wasn’t for my sense of humor I would not survive my daily life.


My new motto is this:  Laugh it up then write it down… so you can laugh about it again later!



Stay tuned for Part Two!



*No children were harmed in the making of this blog.

2 thoughts on “How I Survive This Thing Called Parenting

  1. I thought the picture of Wyatt may be the greatest photo of all time…but the alligator shot may now be the winner. HySTERical.

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