Keepin’ it real…

I’ve been working hard to be intentional and to keep things real on this blog (when I do actually post, that is).  It’s been an incredibly tough season of life that we are in so when I had this good moment with my kids that was picture worthy and blog worthy I really wanted to share it.  My original thought was to post this…

Yay For Summer Morning Fun!

The Joneses are in full swing this morning!  It was a beautiful day, the sun was out, it was cool (an early, might I add) and the kids had lots of energy so we headed out to our back deck to enjoy some art and to discuss the famous artists we will be learning more about this fall in our school program.  It was a great morning!


Ok, that is all fine and dandy but, as I said, I’m working on keepin’ it real around here.  So, here is how this post should really go…

Somebody help!  They are driving me crazy!


The Joneses are all on the brink of insanity over here!  It’s only 8am, the kids are full of energy (even though they have already spent 20 minutes on the trampoline) and my coffee is getting cold.  So, I got out paper, paint and let them loose on the deck while I hid inside (where I could still see and hear them) and drank my coffee.  I might have mentioned Van Gogh but I don’t think it counts if it is used as an expletive… does it?




It’s very easy to read blogs and see all of the fun stuff other families are doing and compare yourself to them.  I know I’ve read other peoples posts and thought about giving them MY children for the summer so maybe my kids would actually have some summer fun.  But I know that when we blog our life from our little corner of the world it might not have been exactly all that we said it was.  It’s not that I am lying, I’m merely just giving you the highlight reel…


Did I post that one already?  It’s ok if I did, I think it needs to be said… a lot!  I don’t want to compare anymore.  I also want to be really, truly real.  I’m sorry for what you all might have to endure in future blogs because of it.  :)



Other appropriate titles for this blog..

Look, we finally did something other than lay on the couch watching tv and rolling around in cracker crumbs!

Yay, my children are actually wearing clothes!

An entire roll of tape was destroyed so this post could happen.

“Why do babies have to eat the paint?” and other daily Q&A.

Van Gogh! to your room!!!”


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