This is NOT a New Years resolution!

I have never really liked the whole New Years resolution idea.  I think setting a goal for a whole year is a little to much for me to handle.  There is too much pressure.  I’m more of the New Day resolution type.  There is a little more flexibility in that.  I can wake up each morning and decide what I will do with the day.  If that doesn’t work out I can pick something different tomorrow!

That being said, I read over the stories shared on my sad, neglected blog and realized I missed a chance to share so much.  There has been a lot that has happened that I never wrote about.  Will I remember the stories, the moments, the achievements, a few years from now?  Will I remember them a few days from now?  Knowing me, most likely not.  So many things happen in a day of this families life.  I can’t document them all, of course, but I definitely enjoy when I sit and look back over what I have managed to write over the years.

This is not a resolution.

This is a realization.

I have stories to share.

This is a commitment

To be real and honest.

This is a chance to start up again.

Ten Years and Counting

May 10th of 2003 I married my best friend.


May 10th of 2013 we are still incredibly fond of each other.


And we celebrated in typical Jones fashion.  With Food!


It might not look like much but to me, well, IT’S CRAB CAKES!  Any time we have a special night in dinner and Aaron offers to cook I ask for the same thing.  Crab Cakes!  He wanted steak so we celebrated with surf and turf and coke, because I’m classy like that.

Our big celebration was a month earlier when we went on a cruise but that’s a different post entirely.

It was a simple night and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.   There is something to be said about ten years.  So many marriages don’t make it this long.  Ten years is a lot of time spent with one person.  We’ve both changed over the years.  You have to learn to live and love over and over and over again as we change and grow.  We’ve gone from being newly weds to somewhat established adults to being first time parents to being parents of three littles.  We’ve been together through so much.  He’s been my rock through every single thing we’ve walked.  We’ve held tight to each other and never blamed each other for anything.  And my favorite thing of all?  He still makes me laugh.  ALL THE TIME!  And not just “haha you are funny” laugh…  He sends me into laughing fits on a regular basis.

I’m so glad I found the right man and waited on God’s timing for everything!  I’m truly blessed to be loved and cared for like I am.

I can’t wait to see what the next 10 years has in store for us!

Memorial Day 2013

A day to remember.  A day to be thankful.  A day to spend time with your family who was there with you that very day because men and women gave up their lives so that we could be free.

A day to make memories!


There was family…



Aaron was helping the kids with their poppers.  It was cheap entertainment.  Don’t they look so sweet and patient as they wait there turns?  Only in photographs…



The littles didn’t like the poppers.  The slide and swing was more their thing!





Then there is my dad who is starting to resemble a cross between panama jack and one of those Duck Dynasty guys.



He was the master of the fire pit grill.  Not sure why I didn’t take a picture of the grill but there was seriously at least 20 hotdogs and 20 hamburgers cooked that day.  Nobody in the family leaves hungry and we eat cook out food for days!


Somehow my mom, brother and sister in law managed to avoid my camera that day.  Just know, I will be coming after you three with my camera at the next get together!


There were friends…





Yup!  We don’t know why but these two put up with our Porter/Jones family shenanigans and keep coming back for more!  We’ve kind of adopted them into the family.   I mean, they can hold their own with the adults and they really like our kids.  WIN!


There was time by the pool…





and time playing frisbee…









Two year olds aren’t very good at frisbee so they just laid in the grass and kept themselves busy.






And of course there is ALWAYS time for an adventure with Polly Pocket…




It was a fantastic day with our family and friends.  We are lucky to have each and every one of them in our lives and our kids’ lives.  There was so much I didn’t capture that day.  The stories shared, the ball games, the golf cart rides, the giggles.


We made memories.  Ones that I hope to carry with me for a very long time.





Sometimes you just have to giggle…

It had been a long week in our house.  I was feeling like we just needed to giggle a little bit so I did this…



And this…


And this…



Yup, I’m still giggling!  

If you ever need to boost moral just buy a packages of self stick google eyes and put them everywhere.

It’s the little things that get me!  

Nap Time!



Under that blanket is a sleeping Willow.  Her favorite place to take a nap at Grandma’s house is on the golf cart!  They climb in, she grabs her pillow and “blankie” and my mom drives her around the yard until she falls asleep.  Once she’s out my mom will park the cart in a shady spot and she will sleep  for a while and then wake up and go right back to playing!

I think it works out pretty well for everybody.

I wish I could have a turn.


Four  words a parent never wants to hear…


I’m learning you have to watch the third child like a hawk.  I’m telling you, this baby has done EVERYTHING the other two NEVER did.  She’s colored on the carpet and on the walls, she threw away the remote control (we assume), she spills everything.  One day she spilled every drink and food item she was given!  And then, she ATE A PENNY!

I’m not really surprised.  She puts everything in her mouth.  Neither of the other kids did that.  She’s just providing an extra challenge, or looking for extra attention I suppose.  She has come to me with a mouth full of batteries.  Usually AA’s she’s pulled from the remote.  She’s come to me with a mouth full of Hungry Hungry Hippo marbles.  She will look at you and go “BLAH” and spit them all out.  Usually at least 4 of them.   You name it the kid has probably brought it to me in her mouth.  She’s proud, kind of like a puppy.

I came up the stairs carrying laundry and she ran to the stairs and this is how it went down between the two of us from there:

“I ate the PENNY!” (she says with a proud yet slightly concerned look)

“Uh…. you did what?”

“I put it in my MOUF!  It’s gone!”

“REALLY?  You ate it?”

“It’s in my BEWWY!”

“WHYYYY?  We don’t eat PENNIES!”




She’s lucky she’s so cute!!



Silly baby, we don’t eat pennies!  We eat CAKE POPS!!

We Finally Did It!!!!






Aaron says he doesn’t bother wasting energy by showing emotion through facial expression.  This is his happy face, sad face, excited face and hungry face.


Haaalp!  She’s growing up!  And terribly good at being in front of the camera.


He’s standing still… for once.  Barely…


There aren’t even words…


It’s been almost 10 years since we’ve had our pictures taken together and that was on our wedding day.   That’s the downside of always being behind the camera.  But we did it!  We even included the kids!

It’s been an adventurous year, for sure.  It’s hard to look back over my blog and see so many gaps.  So many stories I didn’t tell.  Things I didn’t take the time to sit and write about when they were fresh in my head.

I guess it might be time to “write” that wrong.